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DUP condemns ‘disgusting’ IRA graffiti on Derry Walls

By Leona O'Neill

An ominous warning painted across Northern Ireland's largest state monument - Derry's Walls - has been condemned.

The slogan 'IRA here to stay!' has been daubed in 5ft letters across a stretch of the 400-year-old stone walls that overlooks the Bogside.

The Department for Communities said the latest act of vandalism on the historic walls will cost around £1,800 to put right.

The graffiti comes just three weeks after a group claiming to be the IRA detonated a car bomb in nearby Bishop Street in Londonderry.

DUP councillor Graham Warke said that the graffiti is an eyesore and should be removed immediately.

"These walls are 400 years old in March. It is a big year for this city, for the walls, and everyone should be celebrating. It is disgusting and a total disgrace to see this happening," he said.

"It is expensive to remove it and it will cost ratepayers of this city money to clean up.

"It is one of the biggest tourist attractions here in Londonderry and indeed Northern Ireland. Tourists just don't want to see it, the people in the community don't want to see it.

"These days have gone.

"We want to see this graffiti removed so that people can enjoy the walls and the history of them once again."

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