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DUP councillor Dineen Walker calls Anna Lo a racist in bizarre Facebook outburst

By Rebecca Black

A DUP councillor has apologised after calling Alliance MLA Anna Lo a racist.

In a bizarre Facebook outburst in an online string of comments on Ms Lo’s statement on racism, Newtownabbey Deputy Mayor Dineen Walker said: “Funny because I see Anna Lo as racist!!!!! Towards the people of Northern Ireland.”

Mrs Walker, a care worker, was not re-elected to the new ‘super council’ in the recent poll.

The DUP immediately distanced itself from her latest remarks.

A party spokesman said: “Dineen Walker's comments in no way represent the views of the Democratic Unionist Party.

“Although we have profound political differences with Anna Lo, and do not support her pro-united Ireland stance, it is simply wrong to accuse her of racism.

“Such language is wrong and Dineen has removed the comment acknowledging that she read the news report incorrectly.

“Cllr Walker has also apologised for the remarks.”

Anna Lo's tears as she talks of quitting politics, and the country as well  

Meanwhile, a former Ulster Unionist Party candidate has quit the party claiming that it tried to “muzzle his faith” after a controversial television appearance.

Colin Houston, who has been in the UUP for less than a month, appeared on the Nolan Show on BBC 1 on Wednesday evening defending the controversial preacher Pastor McConnell.

He accused the media of manipulating the Whitewell preacher’s words and also the Nolan Show of selecting its audience.

“You have this whole audience set up to hate Christians and I am telling you the Christians are starting to stand up, we are not having it no more. It’s as simple as that,” he said.

“Trust is built through knowing people, why don’t you go to his church for six months and say he’s (Pastor McConnell) is a bigot. He’s no bigot, he’s a man of God who has brought Catholics and Protestants together here for 40 years.”

The UUP telephoned Mr Houston yesterday morning following those comments to inform him

that he had been suspended from the party.

He had been a member of the UUP for three weeks. The former candidate then resigned.

He received 366 votes last week when he ran to become a councillor for the Oldpark ward of Belfast.

Yesterday Mr Houston defended himself on his Facebook page, saying all he did was stand up “for a man of God that is coming to the end of a ministry that blessed many people in this country”.

He accused the UUP of trying to “muzzle” his faith.

“I was told if I spoke for myself, I could say it and it would not affect me,” he said.

“I was at the Nolan Show last night as a Christian man. I spoke up as no one else would for a man who is a general of God in this nation.

A UUP spokesman confirmed Mr Houston had resigned after being suspended.

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