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DUP councillor ‘disgusted’ at police taking part in parade

By Sean O'Driscoll

A DUP councillor has written to the PSNI Chief Constable to express his "disgust" that uniformed PSNI officers were marching in last Saturday's Belfast Pride parade.

North Antrim DUP councillor John Finlay said the organisers of the parade were "a militant grouping which is lobbying for radical changes, not only to the definition of marriage, but to how society views human sexuality in general".

Mr Finlay said as an elected representative, he had been "inundated" with complaints from constituents about uniformed PSNI officers in the parade.

Mr Finlay called on PSNI Chief Constable George Hamilton to allow uniformed PSNI to march in Loyal Order parades and the upcoming Apprentice Boys parade in Derry to show some balance.

The PSNI had justified the decision to allow uniformed police officers to march in this year's Belfast Pride to show solidarity with a community that suffers a "disproportionate" number of hate crime attacks and to reflect the diversity of the police's workforce.

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