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DUP denies their anti-Tory election poster has come back to bite them

DUP will not renege on commitments, says ex-DUP MLA

By Jonathan Bell

A former senior DUP member has said an anti-Conservative Party election billboard has not come back to bite the party over its link up with Theresa May's party.

Arlene Foster will meet the Prime Minister on Tuesday to thrash out the details of the agreement between the two parties which will allow the Tory leader to operate a minority government at Westminster.

However, an election poster for the 2010 vote has been widely circulated online contradicting the DUP's desire to jump into bed with the Tories.

"I want an MP who answers to us - not to the Tories. I'm voting DUP," proclaimed the campaign advertisement.

Nelson McCausland, who lost his seat in the March Assembly election, denied the slogan had come back to haunt his party.

"It is people who don't understand the context. The context was that Ulster unionist MPs at that time would have gone to Westminster to take the Conservative Party whip," he told the BBC Stephen Nolan.

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"That's not what we are talking about here. We are talking about a confidence and supply agreement, it is a more informal arrangement rather than the sort of almost merger the UUP had with the Conservatives.

"They were standing as UNCUNF - Ulster Conservatives and Unionists New Force - which ultimately went no where."

On the appeal of joining the Tories, Mr McCausland said: "Well first of all, the reality of it is - it's the Government.

"But the DUP will not be reneging on its manifesto. I am just commentating on it, I am not part of the negotiations. But the party has been very clear on the retaining of the triple-lock on pensions, for example."

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