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DUP faces criticism for backing Maze plan

The DUP has been accused of embracing a “whatever it takes” approach to working with Sinn Fein after First Minister Peter Robinson said a conflict resolution centre on the site of the former Maze prison could be a “mecca for tourists”.

“The Maze-Long Kesh site will not only have that new facility which is going to be built, and will cost about £20m, but it’s going to be a mecca for tourists. There’s going to be business in there, there’s going to be great opportunity for people. The Royal Ulster Agriculture Society is moving there,” Mr Robinson said.

However, TUV leader Jim Allister MLA said the centre would be a “shrine to terrorism” that would attract “terror tourists”.

“The 180-degree turn which the DUP has perfected on the ‘Maze Shrine’, from the days when they rejected a stadium because of such connotations, is telling testimony to the fact that what Sinn Fein wants, Sinn Fein gets,” said Mr Allister.

He said it is indicative of a leader and a party embracing “the ‘whatever it takes' philosophy of working with Sinn Fein”.

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