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DUP fined £1,000 - forgot to tell Electoral Commission about Arlene Foster

By Claire Williamson

The DUP has been fined £1,000 by the Electoral Commission for failing to notify it that Arlene Foster had become its leader.

It said the DUP "failed to notify the Commission of a change in registered Leader of the party by the required date". 

The party has been fined £1,000 and has paid the fine.

Mrs Foster became DUP leader in December 2015 after the retirement of Peter Robinson.

Mrs Foster was the sole candidate and was formally elected following a meeting of DUP Assembly members and MPs and her appointment was ratified by the DUP's 90-member executive.

A spokeswoman for the DUP said: "Due to an administrative oversight the required notification was filed late. The Electoral Commission have indicated to us that they consider the matter closed."

The independent body which oversees elections and regulates political finance in the UK also fined Greenpeace and Friends of the Earth for breaking campaigning rules.

At the 2015 UK Parliamentary General Election non-party campaigners were required to register with the Electoral Commission if they spent more than either £20,000 campaigning in England or £10,000 campaigning in Wales. Neither organisation registered, although the Commission’s investigations identified over £100,000 in spending on campaigning activity conducted during the regulated period.

Greenpeace Ltd was fined a total of £30,000. Friends of the Earth Ltd was fined £1000 and has paid the fine.

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