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DUP MPs back Theresa May in 'nonsense' vote over Parliament role in Syrian air strikes

Prime Minister Theresa May in the House of Commons yesterday
Prime Minister Theresa May in the House of Commons yesterday

DUP MPs have backed Prime Minister Theresa May in parliamentary vote - described by the MP who proposed the motion as "nonsense" - on her decision to launch air strikes on Syria without parliamentary approval.

On Monday night a vote on a general motion by Labour MP Alison McGovern took place, with DUP MPs voting with the Conservative party in favour of the motion.

The vote was on whether the whether the current situation in Syria and the UK Government's involvement in it had been considered by the House.

Independent North Down MP Lady Hermon voted with members of the SNP, Plaid Cymru, the Green Party, and Labour's Dennis Skinner in opposing the motion.

The vote has no impact on the Government's actions.

After Monday's vote, Mrs McGovern wrote on Twitter: "To be clear. This 'vote' on my motion is nonsense. The motion was just that we had debated the issue. It's not really a votable motion.

"The SNP called it just for the sake of it. It proves nothing.

"But please read speeches, many of which focused on the right thing: Syrians."

The vote, which was supported by 314 in favour and 36 against, comes as a precursor to a parliamentary debate on the issue set to take place shortly before 1pm on Tuesday.

Permission for the emergency debate was granted after a request by Labour party leader Jeremy Corbyn, and will be on Parliament's role in approving military action by British forces overseas.

On Monday PM May faced criticism from some members of her own party for not seeking parliamentary approval prior to launching air strikes, and dismissed suggestions her Government had followed the "whims" of US President Donald Trump.

Air strikes were launched against three Syrian military facilities on Saturday morning by France, the UK and the US as a response to reports Syrian forces had used chemical weapons against civilians in the town of Douma.

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