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DUP newsheet mocks councillor Poots called a village idiot


Kieran McCarthy,  Alliance

Kieran McCarthy, Alliance

Kieran McCarthy, Alliance

The DUP has used an internal party newsheet to mock veteran Alliance councillor Kieran McCarthy who was accused of behaving like “a village idiot” by health minister Edwin Poots during an Assembly debate.

The DUP’s News from the Hill, which gathers weekly press releases, said in a satirical column, Mole on the Hill, “Secondly there was the intellectual guru of the Assembly, Mr Keiran McCarthy, who was accused of behaving like a village idiot. Most people so labelled would be a little embarrassed and try to bury the story but not our Mastermind runner-up Mr McCarthy.

“Having been accused of idiocy in a setting where a handful of people were following it, Kieran did his best to dispel this image by going on every media outlet and telling everyone that people thought he was a village idiot.”

Mr McCarthy said the mocking article undermind Mr Poots’ apology and added in the News Letter that his comments prompting the insult had been about improving the health service: “They can say what they like but my speech, and what others on that day said, contributed to Poots getting his finger out and doing something”.

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