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DUP rejects fresh bid to reach out by Sinn Fein's Begley


Comments: Orfhlaith Begley

Comments: Orfhlaith Begley


Comments: Orfhlaith Begley

The DUP has rejected Sinn Fein MP Orfhlaith Begley's renewed bid to reach out to unionists.

East Antrim MLA Gordon Lyons branded comments by the new West Tyrone MP - in which she accused unionists of "faux outrage" - as "shameful and ill-considered".

Ms Begley became embroiled in controversy after attending a hunger strike commemoration in her first public engagement after being elected.

The event in Dromore, Co Tyrone, on May 5 marked the 37th anniversary of Bobby Sands' death. Unionists insisted it showed that reconciliation gestures by Sinn Fein were less than genuine.

Writing in the Belfast Telegraph yesterday, Ms Begley described the row as "unionist faux outrage at a republican doing something republican".

But Mr Lyons said that the Sinn Fein leadership must realise that offence is caused through the continual glorification of the IRA.

"Orfhlaith Begley's words about reconciliation are to be welcomed. We all want a society that is settled and at peace," he said.

"However, Orfhlaith's words are only as important as her other statements, and the actions which follow."

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