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DUP setting 'British standard' in Brexit wrangle, says Tory MP

DUP leader Arlene Foster
DUP leader Arlene Foster

Conservative MPs could be convinced to fall in behind Theresa May's Brexit deal if she can win over the DUP, senior party members have said have said.

The Guardian reports Cabinet sources saying the Government's focus was regaining support from the DUP, rather than win over support from Labour members.

“You unlock huge numbers of Tory MPs if you can get something the DUP can accept,” one minister is reported as saying, adding: “There’s no point at all in holding a vote until you win back the DUP. That is the absolute priority.”

An MP is quoted by the paper saying the DUP represent the "British standard" in negotiations, and their support would reassure many Tories opposed to Theresa May's deal.

The DUP has stated categorically it will not support any deal containing a backstop which could potentially leave Northern Ireland with a different customs arrangement to the other regions of the United Kingdom.

An EU source is also quoted as saying there is a requirement for Theresa May to get clarity on exactly what the DUP would be willing to accept if there is to be any future changes to the withdrawal deal. 

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