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DUP's Arlene Foster gets cartoon treatment in national press coverage of Boris Johnson Brexit deal

Boris Johnson and Arlene Foster (Niall Carson/PA)
Boris Johnson and Arlene Foster (Niall Carson/PA)

The DUP's opposition to Boris Johnson's Brexit deal took centre stage in Friday's papers after the government struck a deal with Brussels.

DUP leader Arlene Foster features heavily in many of the national paper's political cartoons.

The Times features Mrs Foster being dragged off a train in London by Prime Minister Boris Johnson, in a nod to the incident at Canning Town station when two members of the Extinction Rebellion got on top of a train to protest against climate change. The pair were then swiftly dragged of the train by fed up commuters trying to get to work.

A second cartoon features the DUP leader on a mural with the caption "no surrender (yet)" while the Prime Minister cries: "For Heaven's sake, let's take- come on Arlene!"

In another cartoon Mrs Foster appears on Who Wants to Be A Millionaire answering the question: "What does Boris's Brexit Deal mean?"

The answers to the questions do not make happy reading for the cartoon Arlene, with the only answers: The end of the union, the end of the DUP, different rules for NI or customs in the Irish sea.

She asks if she can phone a friend.

"Do you have any?" is the response.

Meanwhile, legendary cartoonist Matt in the Daily Telegraph nods to the DUP's confidence and supply agreement with the Conservative government, when the party pledged to support the Tory's agenda in return for extra funding for Northern Ireland.

Both the Sun and the Daily Mail address MPs in their front pages on Friday before a so-called Super Saturday session where the Commons will vote on the offer.

The former sends a message to “dithering MPs” after Mr Johnson pulled off a “miracle Brexit plan”.

Under the headline “Get real… take the deal!”, the Sun says: “Boris has landed a great deal which secures what the 17.4million majority voted for in 2016, with Britain out of the EU and its central institutions and courts, free to do global trade deals.

“Take it. End the agony. People are crying out for resolution on October 31. They will be aghast and outraged if our dithering politicians instead choose to throw away this golden opportunity.”

The Daily Mail fears “our reckless political class may derail” the deal and says Mr Johnson has “done his duty. Now MPs must do theirs”.

The Daily Mirror takes a different angle – pointing out that former PM Theresa May’s negotiated plan also came a cropper in the Commons.

“White smoke… or a white flag?” the paper asks, while its leader says Brexit should not be done “at any price”.

It adds: “Having worn down the public’s patience the PM is cynically assuming people will swallow any deal in their desperation to get Brexit done.”

In Ireland, the Irish Examiner says Mr Johnson is “in a race” to win support for his deal, while the Irish Daily Mail asks “So Boris, can you deliver?”

The West Australian runs with the headline “And you thought he was crazy…”, saying Mr Johnson has reached a breakthrough after “facing the humiliating prospect of becoming one of Britain’s shortest-serving prime ministers”.

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