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DUP's Arlene Foster joins Kingsmill families at inquest hearing

DUP Leader Arlene Foster accompanied families of those murdered by the Provisional IRA in the Kingsmills massacre to court on Thursday, May 18, as the inquest into the killings continued.

Speaking afterwards Mrs Foster said: “The Kingsmills families have endured over 40 years of trauma following the brutal sectarian murder of their loved ones by the Provisional IRA. Those who executed these men did so in the name of a united Ireland. Such warped logic is exactly the same logic which is used by dissident republicans today."

"The families deserve the truth about this horrific crime," Mrs Foster continued."

"The inquest process could help answer some of the families questions but they have been continually frustrated along that path, particularly for the release of files by the Irish government. Later this month it will be two years since Enda Kenny gave an undertaking that his government would cooperate fully and relevant documentation would be shared. The DUP has demanded full disclosure and transparency from the Irish government in the talks process and will persist when they resume."

Stating that she intends writing to the Chief Constable "to ascertain the instructions that are being given to the PSNI barrister", Mrs Foster stressed that she is "keen to know the extent of his remit".  She added: "Concerns have been expressed to me about this matter, as the families were upset by the manner of his questions on Wednesday."

Mrs Foster concluded: "I will continue to stand in solidarity with the families in their campaign for truth and justice. They have shown incredible bravery and dignity right throughout the 40 years. During that time their pain has not diminished nor has their wish to see justice served.”

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