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DUP's Ian Paisley adds recall petition result to Twitter biography

Ian Paisley has updated his Twitter biography to include the result of the North Antrim recall petition.

The MP added "90.6% support from recall petition" after he narrowly avoided a by-election in the first ever recall petition for an MP.

Mr Paisley lists the result alongside his spells as North Antrim MP, his return to the Commons with the highest recorded vote in Northern Ireland in 2017 and his Freedom of the City of London.

In North Antrim 7,099 people signed the recall petition over the past six weeks - 9.4% of the electorate and 444 short of the required number. Fourteen of the papers lodged were deemed void or rejected for uncertainty.

Ten percent of the North Antrim electorate was required. That was 7,543 voters.

The petition of recall process opened after Mr Paisley was given a 30 day ban from the Commons, the longest on record for any MP.

A parliamentary watchdog found in July that a year after receiving luxury holidays, Mr Paisley lobbied then prime minister David Cameron not to support a UN probe into alleged Sri Lankan human rights abuses.

As well as not declaring the holidays, the MP was found to have broke Commons lobbying rules.

In a statement to the Press Association, Mr Paisley said the “electorate had spoken”.

“In July I apologised for a mistake made almost six years ago.”

Ian Paisley updated his Twitter bio to include the recall petition result
Ian Paisley updated his Twitter bio to include the recall petition result

“The electorate was asked to pass judgment. 90.6% have accepted my apology.

“The electorate has clearly spoken.

“I would like to thank my true friends, family, the electorate who have stood by me with unwavering support. Hallelujah.”

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