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DUP's Luke Poots denies wrongdoing over planning application in mum's maiden name

Luke Poots
Luke Poots

A DUP councillor has denied any wrongdoing regarding a planning application to build three houses to replace his home.

Luke Poots, the son of DUP MLA Edwin Poots, is the former chairman of Lisburn and Castlereagh City Council’s planning committee.

Questions are being asked over why a planning application relating to his property on the Comber Road in Hillsborough was made in his mother’s maiden name.

The BBC has reported Mr Poots may have proposed a deal to a neighbouring landowner after the broadcaster obtained a note appearing to suggest the landowner sell him an access strip to the land proposed for development.

The note, obtained by the BBC, also suggests the possibility the landowner could get planning approval for a development of his own, which could be worth £150,000 to £200,000.

Mr Poots has denied writing the note or making any approach, saying in a text message to the BBC: "Nope. None of that's true."

He moved to the property earlier this year. After he moved to the property a planning application was submitted to develop the land by replacing the existing farmhouse with three new buildings. If the application went through it would increase the value of the land.

The BBC reports the application was not made by Luke Poots but by his mother Glynis Poots, but was made under her maiden name of Rachel M Gracey.

The address given on the planning application is not the address where Mrs Poots lives, according to the BBC.

The application is currently under consideration by Lisburn and Castlereagh City Council.

A council spokesperson declined to comment when contacted by the BBC.

The DUP and Luke Poots have also been asked to comment.

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