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DUP's Wilson urges public to help solve Carrick man Glenn Quinn killing


Sammy Wilson. Photo: Stephen  Hamilton/Presseye.com

Sammy Wilson. Photo: Stephen Hamilton/Presseye.com

Sammy Wilson. Photo: Stephen Hamilton/Presseye.com

The DUP's Sammy Wilson has added to growing calls for people to come forward with information about the murder of Carrickfergus man Glenn Quinn.

This week senior members of the UDA distanced themselves from the brutal murder in January after his sister called for his killers to be handed over.

Three men claiming to represent the south east Antrim UDA leadership approached a pastor in Carrickfergus to say they were not responsible for killing the 47-year-old, and those with any information would not face consequences for going to the police.

East Antrim MP Mr Wilson welcomed the statement and said he hoped it would help to bring justice to the family.

"If it leads to people being less afraid, for people to come forward, it will help the police to successfully conclude this investigation," he said. "I also don't know if this means that UDA members were not involved in any way, or if they know who is involved and have disassociated themselves from them.

"Anybody who has information should give it to the police, whether they're in (an illegal) organisation or a Sunday School teacher. I know that the family are greatly cut up about the whole thing and they clearly want to try and get some justice for their brother.

"Hopefully this statement will encourage people to come forward who thought there was paramilitary involvement.

"There is great fear in parts of Carrickfergus - if the organisation have information about who did it I would hope they would do the right thing as well."

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