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Durkan wants new law to sack politicians

Londonderry MP Mark Durkan wants to change the law to allow voters sack politicans if they aren’t doing their jobs.

Mr Durkan has joined over 50 cross-party MPs in support of the Recall of Elected Representatives Bill – a radical new proposed law which will give voters the power to remove their elected representatives from office in between elections.

Mr Durkan said: “People should have the right to be able to hold their elected representatives to account in the years in between elections and not just at election time.

“I am therefore supporting the Recall of Elected Representatives Bill which would give people this right. This Bill, if enacted, will go some way towards addressing people’s disillusionment with politics and help regain their trust in elected politicians. I will do all I can to help this very important Bill become law,” he told the Londonderry Sentinel.

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