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DVA officers to use body-worn cameras for protection and to increase prosecutions


DVA enforcement officers have been given body worn cameras.

DVA enforcement officers have been given body worn cameras.

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DVA enforcement officers have been given body worn cameras.

From Tuesday, Driver & Vehicle Agency (DVA) enforcement officers in Northern Ireland will be using body-worn video cameras when they are on duty.

The DVA said that the move was designed to reduce unacceptable behaviour experienced by staff and if necessary, to aid prosecutions.

The cameras can be activated in situations where the use of the device may help moderate behaviour, avert confrontation or secure evidence of offending.

Staff have received training on how to use the cameras and the supporting technology.

DVA enforcement officers carry out a wide range of duties, including ensuring that drivers comply with driving rules, making sure vehicles are within legal weight limits and making sure vehicles are road worthy.

They also carry out investigations into suspected illegal use of vehicles and ensure drivers have the correct tax and motor insurance.

DVA officers are also responsible for monitoring bus and taxi regulations.

Chief Executive of the DVA Paul Duffy said he hoped that the new cameras would help staff in the line of duty.

“Our enforcement officers play an important role in protecting the public from the use of unroadworthy vehicles and unlicensed drivers on our roads," he said.

“DVA has a responsibility for the health and welfare of its staff and their safety is our priority.

"At times our staff are subjected to unacceptable behaviour and the deployment of body worn video cameras will help deter such behaviour and ensure that disputes can be addressed quickly and fairly.”

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