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Dwyer case: Hot summer ruined a near perfect murder

By Brian Hutton

Prosecutors said Graham Dwyer had carried out an "almost perfect" murder - but for a freakishly hot summer which turned up critical evidence in a reservoir.

Elaine O'Hara's remains were found in a forest on Killakee Mountain on September 13, 2013.

In a stunning coincidence, a near drought around the same time uncovered keys, mobile phones, sex toys and rope thrown into the Vartry reservoir, 20km from the murder scene, that linked the pair.

She had been reported missing 13 months earlier after being last seen visiting her mother's grave in Shanganagh cemetery in Shankill, south Dublin, just hours after being released from psychiatric care in hospital.

Crucially, the mobile phones revealed text messages which showed a manipulative, abusive BDSM affair between the pair.

In one text message Dwyer said: "I want to stick my knife in flesh while sexually aroused. Seeing blood turns me on and I'd like to stab a girl to death sometime."

The trial was shown graphic videos of him knifing sexual partners.

State lawyers claimed he toyed with the idea of three potential victims including Darci Day, a young, previously suicidal woman from Maine in the US who also met Dwyer on the internet.

Judge Hunt said evidence showed Dwyer had bought the 083 'Goroon' phone which he "used to reinitiate this sexual relationship (with Elaine) at a time when his wife (Gemma Dwyer) was just a short number of days before giving birth to their second child.

"Perhaps, that says everything you need to know about Mr Dwyer," he added.

As he took his seat in court yesterday, Dwyer looked incredibly relaxed and fresh-faced.

His hair was longer and looked a little lank and he was wearing his customary suit that he had worn throughout the trial.

His relaxed demeanour would have been remarkable if it wasn't so chilling.

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