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Eamonn Holmes' dog helps him lick pain after double hip op

By Chris McCullough

He's just been through a major operation to replace both his hips, but dog-loving Eamonn Holmes has been getting plenty of TLC to aid his recovery - and not just from his wife.

Belfast-born broadcaster Holmes (56) went through the operation on February 4 and has been spending time on social media updating his friends, family and fans on his progress.

His wife of six years and partner of 20, Ruth Langsford, has been by his side the entire time. Yesterday she posted a Valentine's message to Eamonn with a photo of the couple kissing that read: 'Love is all you need ... Happy Valentine's Day to the love of my life.'

But he also got a smooch from his pooch after Ruth brought in another of his biggest fans to help lift his spirits, their beloved dog Maggie, whom the couple rescued from a shelter.

Eamonn is an ambassador for the Dogs Trust and found Maggie while visiting a rescue centre in London in 2011.

It was a case of love at first sight for Eamonn, who was very pleased to see the border collie/ Dachshund cross on his bed.

After posting a photo of Maggie licking his ears, Holmes said: "I'm a sucker for having my ears nibbled."

Despite the pain of having both hips replaced, Eamonn kept up with the jokes in an interview with the Daily Mail.

After joking that "my wife wore out the old ones in the bedroom", he said in front of an embarrassed Ruth: "She's very demanding!"

Eamonn also spoke of his agony before the operation and on waking up to be handed a lunch menu.

He said: "I've lived with acute pain for so long, but my ache was dead and prolonged, not like a knife sticking in.

"I was limping and dragging my leg. I can't stand long or walk far."

After the operation he said: "I felt like I was in a movie. Or the hospital drama Casualty. It was like an out-of-body experience - am I going back into my body or am I out of my body now? I didn't know.

"I saw a smiling surgeon, my smiling wife and someone handing me a lunch menu, and I thought, I must be alive then!"

Of his hips and bedtime activities with his wife, Holmes said: "She wore them out; she's got to help wear them in."

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