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Eamonn Holmes sends viewers into Twitter frenzy wearing white linen suit on ITV's This Morning

By David Young

Eamonn Holmes sent viewers into a Twitter frenzy yesterday after appearing on ITV's This Morning in an eye-popping white linen suit.

After suggesting live on air that the 55-year-old looked like an ice cream man, Holmes' wife Ruth Langsford took to social media to support her husband's fashion statement.

"I know I teased him but really I thought my hubby @eamonnholmes looked lovely in his white linen suit...very continental!" she wrote.

But public opinion on the suit was divided. While one fan tweeted that Eamonn looked gorgeous, others were less complimentary. One wrote that she "loved the Colonel Sanders look", and another thought he looked "like a 70s porn star".

Others said the outfit reminded them of several less than glamorous TV figures from the past, including creased and crumpled former reporter and MP Martin Bell, Boss Hogg from The Dukes Of Hazzard, Randall & Hopkirk (Deceased) and even the Spice Boys, the Armani-wearing former Liverpool FC stars.

But the Belfast-born presenter got some heavyweight covering fire from television presenter and fashion expert Gok Wan, who wrote: "I like it. I think everyone should leave him alone. He looks dashing!"

And viewer Dianne McMullan reckoned Eamonn's super suit put him in the Hollywood heartthrob league.

"Belfast's George Clooney," She wrote on Eamonn's Facebook page, adding: "Looking well Mr Holmes."

But fashion consultant Tracey Hall, who is the director of Northern Ireland model company the Style Academy, was underwhelmed by the dazzling John Travolta-esque outfit.

"I wouldn't recommend that suit to any man," she said.

"I know Eamonn. He would never pick something like that himself. If I was him I would be swearing vengeance on the stylist who picked it out for me!

"He looked fine from the waist up, but when you saw him full length, it just didn't work. A single bright colour outfit like that would not suit any man."

Tracey did suggest, however, that the presenter had decided to wear the outfit in a bid to get tongues waging. "Better to be talked about that not, I suppose," said Tracey.

But the last word went to viewer Stewart Franklin - clearly a practical soul - who felt moved to offer this top fashion tip to the presenter: "Should have run the smoothing iron over his trousers."

Anyone who has ever worn linen should be able to see the sense behind that.

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