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Eamonn Holmes was so worried about hip op he changed his will: Ruth

By Staff Reporter

Top TV presenter Eamonn Holmes was so worried about his recent double hip replacement operation that he updated his will before going into hospital.

The father-of-four's wife and co-presenter, Ruth Langsford, told Best magazine that she was worried that Eamonn might die under the knife.

Ruth said: "We never voiced the fear of him not coming round from the anaesthetic, but we were both thinking it.

"But, logically, the risk is miniscule.

"To be sitting there, saying things like, 'So, Eamonn, if you die first, what will happen to...'

"Having that conversation with such a big operation looming took on a whole new meaning."

Ruth also revealed it had been difficult for her while Eamonn was in hospital. "It was weird - I went to bed, standing in our bathroom taking my make-up off with all Eamonn's things there - and trying to stop the maudlin thoughts of 'what if anything happens'."

Belfast-born Eamonn (55) previously revealed that he was finding it tough while recovering from the operation.

He said: "I'm going through hell!

"No, the truth is, I think anyone would rather not be going through what I am but to anyone who is facing this operation, I want to say that the people here do know what they are doing and the technology is so advanced.

"Yes, it is going to hurt a bit, but this pain doesn't compare to what I was going through before.''

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