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Eamonn Holmes's wife says if he had affair she could never forgive him and it would be the end of marriage

By Cate McCurry

Eamonn Holmes' wife has opened up about her marriage to the Belfast-born broadcaster - revealing that an affair would instantly spell the end of their 20-year relationship.

Ruth Langsford, who has been married to Holmes for five years, believes the secret behind their happy marriage lies with her strong views on fidelity.

The pair, who are regarded as television's golden couple, are usually found on ITV's sofa presenting the popular programme This Morning.

While they have one child together - 13-year-old Jack - Eamonn also has three children from his first marriage.

Ruth, who takes a tough stance on marital straying, also admitted to being the jealous type.

"If I found out he had cheated that would be the end of our marriage. That would be goodbye," she said.

"Eamonn always says - not that he's tempted to have an affair, I hasten to add - that if that ever happened and I found out he would hand over the keys and say, 'I'm off'.

"He knows that even if I tried to forgive and tried to make it work, I'm the type of woman that would bring it up at every opportunity.

"I know I would and he knows I would. I couldn't handle it. It would be hell.

"I'm quite a jealous person. If you're unhappy enough that you want to have an affair, man up and leave your partner or discuss it."

In a candid interview with the Sunday Mirror, the 55-year-old opened up about the dangers of being caught up in online flirting.

"If I found out that Eamonn had been on something like that or vice versa, to me that's cheating and that's a big deal for me," she said. "Eamonn says he can't have an affair anyway because everywhere he goes people ask, 'Where's Ruth?'.

However, she admits to making one exception when it comes to the ladies in Eamonn's life after the couple took in stray collie-dachshund cross pup called Maggie rescued by the Dogs' Trust.

"She absolutely adores him, to the point where I'm quite jealous sometimes."

Holmes, who also presents Sky News, made the headlines a few years ago when his lawyers sent a letter to the BBC after a series of sketches poked fun at his weight.

Jon Culshaw performed three sketches on the Impressions Show in which 'Holmes' apparently ate a sofa, Frankie Dettori and the gardens at the Chelsea Flower Show. However, Holmes appears to have shed a few pounds recently.

But Ruth brushed off any criticism saying she doesn't obsess over it. "You're always under pressure when you're on TV, whether it's you clothes, your hair, your weight or your marriage, it comes with the job.

"You see pictures of yourself and people will comment. I did have a tweet after going on holiday where someone asked if I was pregnant. I was like, 'No, not at 55. It's just my holiday wine tummy'.

Speaking about her husband's taste in fashion, she said: "I never pick Eamonn's clothes. He does all his own shopping. But I do love shopping with him. I can spend a whole day in a department store with him looking at lamps. There's not many men you can say that about."

The romantic couple recently celebrated their fifth wedding anniversary over dinner at a London hotel. "I organised it but Eamonn's very thoughtful with presents and gifts. Eamonn got my favourite picture from our wedding and found an artist who does lovely framed pop art.

"I got him a lovely wooden Italian shoe cleaning set and a wooden trinket box with an old map showing where we got married on it."

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