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Eamonn Magee murder: Brutal killing carried out by Koca in jealous rage, say police as 14 year jail term set

No sentence will ever bring son back, says dad

A 34-year old man who stabbed his estranged wife's new boyfriend to death in an unprovoked and brutal attack was today informed he will serve a minimum of 14 years in prison .

Mr Justice Treacy said it was his view that Orhan Koca armed himself in advance then went to his former family home in Twinbrook with the intention of killing Eamonn Magee Junior.

Describing 22-year old Eamonn as a "promising young boxer and student", Mr Justice Treacy said Koca was motivated by jealousy, and branded his version of events as both untrue and self-serving.

Since the fatal stabbing in the early hours of Saturday May 30, 2015, Koca consistently denied involvement. However, after pleading guilty to the murder, Koca last month told a Probation Officer that after arriving at his estranged wife's home at Summerhill Drive, he claimed he saw a light on upstairs.

Koca said he believed an intruder was in the house, that he went round to the back garden where he picked up a broken blade from a pair of shears, and when he saw a man coming out the back he panicked, lunged at him and stabbed him once in the leg.

He told Probation that at this point, he lost self-control and cannot recall the sequence of events - but after the attack he fled the scene and ran to Beckett's Bar.

Branding these claims as "wholly implausible", the Judge said: "I am satisfied that this was a pre-meditated and planned murder which was both brutal and sustained, and where the intention was to take life."

Mr Justice Treacy spoke of the multiple injuries inflicted on Eamonn - six stab wounds in total, two of which were to the chest and therefore fatal.

Speaking after his son's killer was handed a minimum 14-year prison sentence, the victim's father Eamonn Magee Senior said: "No sentence imposed will ever bring my son back."

This was a brutal murder and one which Orhan Koca carried out in a jealous rage.” Detective Chief Inspector John McVea

A statement from the Magee family said: "We would like to express our deepest gratitude to all those in Ireland and around the world. You have shown us so much love and compassion as we struggled to deal with our loss.

"We have been astounded by the acts of kindness we have encountered in these dark times, often from the most surprising sources.

"We have been hugely comforted by how the community has come to our side.

"It is very much appreciated by all and thank you for all of your support."

Detective Chief Inspector John McVea said: "My thoughts today go out to Eamonn Magee's family who are still coming to terms with the loss of their beloved son who had a very promising future both in boxing and in his personal life.

"I agree no sentence will bring back their son but today's sentence handed down of a minimum of 14 years will hopefully go some way to help the family get some degree of closure and help them move on and rebuild their own lives.

"We know that Orhan Koca had followed and monitored on social media the activities of Eamonn Magee.

“Eamonn Magee was the most searched item on his telephone and on the internet. We know that he deleted photographs of Eamonn Magee on the night of the murder which he had previously downloaded.

“Koca then lay in wait for Eamonn in the rear garden of his estranged wife’s house where the then carried out this unprovoked and vicious attack. The delivery of a pizza co-incidentally and tragically provided him with that opportunity. Eamonn was stabbed a number of times in the garden and later, despite best efforts to save him, sadly died as a result of his injuries.

“This was a brutal murder and one which Orhan Koca carried out in a jealous rage.”

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