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East Belfast football coach takes down Confederate flag hung outside door of young black player's home

An east Belfast football coach has taken down a Confederate flag which was hung outside the door of a young black player's home.

It appeared outside the house in the Dee Street area of the city this week.

But coach Ryan Ward took action himself, taking the flag down.

Posting on Facebook, the club said: "As a club we were disgusted to see this flag put up right at the door of one of our black players, so as a club we took it down. We will continue to work hard behind the scenes to build relations with every area of the community. We are a club for ALL, it's 2015 and it's time some people were dragged into

"We are just hearing some appalling news of some idiot putting up a confederate flag up outside the house of one of our young black players along Dee Street in a clear racial hate incident."

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