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East Belfast stabbing: Blood-stained tissues in open view as families deal with trauma


Police officers at the scene of the fatal stabbing

Police officers at the scene of the fatal stabbing


Police officers at the scene of the fatal stabbing

Like most streets across Northern Ireland yesterday afternoon, the residents of Castlereagh Place were welcoming relatives and preparing Sunday dinner.

Amid the mums pushing prams along the street, the spectre of crime scene tape across two homes and a police car on guard cast the shadow of the tragedy that had unfolded there less than 24 hours previously.

Blood-stained tissues still remained lying on the street beside a black chair and the remains of a small tree plant pot lay across the road beside the smashed front windscreen of a car.

A young boy peeped worriedly out of the upstairs window of a house just a few doors down along the quaint, distinctly Belfast terrace.

As police officers remained at the scene yesterday afternoon they were led to a car yard just a few steps down the street where a light blue-handled knife lay on the other side of a high metal fence. A few chips of blue plastic lay nearby giving the impression it had been tossed over the height of the barrier.

Residents in the area are mainly young families.

Most talked openly about how those who lived in the house at the centre of the row were quiet people whom they had not really got to know.

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One resident, bleary eyed from parenthood, was welcoming family to his home with the opening line of what had happened before his eyes the night before, shrugging his shoulders when asked if he was OK.

"It was all about this guy and it was a tragedy. I've made a statement to police so can't say much more," he said. "But I saw the next door neighbours come out to try and help."

He paid tribute to a barman from the Lagan Village Rangers Supporters Club who tried to save the man's life.

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