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Easter in seaside town ruined after youths run riot

Easter Monday celebrations were marred for dozens of families in a Co Down resort after a group of around 100 young people ran riot.

Three arrests were made for public order offences after scores of families, many with young children, were left frightened and outraged by the bank holiday mayhem.

Just after 5pm on Monday the police were called to the Pickie Pool in Bangor by concerned security staff.

Smoking fireworks were then thrown at officers who had arrived with a police dog to restore order.

DUP councillor Peter Weir said it was disappointing that groups of intoxicated young people tried to ruin celebrations for the 30,000 people who visited Bangor on the day.

He saw people acting aggressively and said “sick and disturbing loutish behaviour marred the day”.

The PSNI had to deal with around 100 disruptive young |people, many of whom were drunk. Officers seized a large quantity of alcohol and around 50 people were escorted to Bangor train station.

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Officers boarded the train to Belfast to ensure order, before their colleagues in south Belfast took over the public order operation when the train arrived in the city.

DUP deputy mayor of North Down Harry Dunlop, who is keen to promote the tourism industry in the area, described the behaviour of those youths involved as |“terrible”.

“It’s a bad blow for the town. I thought this was a thing of the past. It seems when drink’s in, wit’s out. It must have been very frightening for the young families nearby.

“I think it’s awful young people are taking drink and ruining a day out.

“The 15 shared future paintings on display that were done by young people were also destroyed. I’m chair of the CCTV committee in the town. I hope we got them on that.”

North Down MLA Alex Easton also condemned the “horrific blight” on the town’s annual |Easter celebrations.

“There were a lot of young children and families nearby and they shouldn’t have to put up with that kind of behaviour.”

Two teenagers and a 24-year-old man were arrested and the PSNI confirmed seven others stopped by officers will be reported for public order offences.

A 16-year-old who allegedly caused damage to a police motorcycle at Queen’s Parade, and removed items of his clothing, was charged with indecent and disorderly behaviour.

He is due to appear at Ards Magistrates Court on May 17.

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