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Easter Rising commemorations: Belfast post boxes go green...but Dublin's go red

Post boxes along the Falls road have been painted green in preparations for the Easter Rising 1916 commemoration parades but post boxes in Dublin have gone from green to red.

The Easter Sunday parade between Hamil Street and Milltown Cemetery will attempt to recreate the atmosphere of 1916 with period dress, horse drawn carriages, uniforms and memorabilia from the time.

The red Royal Mail post boxes along the Falls road from Belfast city centre to Andersonstown have been painted green ahead of the parade.

Meanwhile in Dublin, a number of An Post boxes across the city have been painted red.

Although post boxes in the Republic of Ireland are now traditionally green, An Post have transformed some of them to take passers-by back to 1916 when all post boxes across Ireland and the UK were painted red.

Speaking to the Irish Independent, Anna McHugh, head of communications for An Post, described the campaign as “based around the idea of post boxes as witnesses to history”.

“We were thinking about what our post boxes would have witnessed in 1916, because so many of them are in the same position as they were during Easter Week, and in many cases the same box is there.”

Each box invites passers-by to free-text the word printed on the side of the box to the number provided to access an immersive video clip revealing what that post-box saw during the events of Easter Week 1916.

Ms McHugh noted that originally, all post boxes across Ireland and the UK were green, before the British post office painted them red in the 1880s.

“One of the first acts after Irish independence was to paint all of the post boxes green again.”

She defended the idea as “a way of bringing history to life. These post boxes really do have great stories to tell".

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