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EasyJet chaos continues as NI family of four stuck in Corfu


EasyJet fleet

EasyJet fleet

Taylor and Darren Galway

Taylor and Darren Galway


EasyJet fleet

A family of four has been left stranded in Corfu after EasyJet cancelled their flight home.

Thomas Neilly was informed of the last-minute change shortly before take-off as he prepared to fly back to Belfast with his wife and their two children.

The couple cannot secure a new flight until Sunday afternoon leaving them in the lurch with their seven-year-old and 20-month-old baby.

“We are stuck here because EasyJet cancelled our flight four hours before it was due to take off,” the father-of-two explained.

“They haven't put us up anywhere.

“We had to book our hotel for another three nights out of our own pocket.”

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Mr Neilly expects the shock bill of €308 (£261) to soar as baby supplies rapidly deplete.

“I have already lifted another €200 (£170) out of the bank to last us,” he said.

“We ran out of baby formula and nappies and had to rush out last night before the chemists closed to search for some.

“We had extra with us, but not enough for three days.”

The ticked-off tourist can’t take his eyes off the clock, knowing that the unexpected tab is ascending with each passing minute.

“I've my car parked at Belfast International which I'm now over my time – that will incur more charges,” he said.

“We have work to go to which we are losing out on because we didn't anticipate having to stay here.

“All this is coming out of my pocket during these trying times.

“We are fortunate that we can get on holiday, but we really can't afford all these extras.”

Mr Neilly is weary about the thought of “having to fight with EasyJet” when he finally makes it home in order to claim back the money.

“They are already trying to get out of paying compensation,” he said.

“I won't say it has ruined the holiday because we are stuck in the sun.

“But having all these outgoings that we didn’t expect is concerning – especially when there's no guarantee we will get it back.”

It comes after newlyweds Taylor and Darren Galway were left devastated after missing out on their honeymoon on the same Greek island.

The north Belfast couple branded the low-cost airliner’s actions as “a disgrace” after they were informed of the cancellation just ten minutes before departure on Thursday.

“No reason, no help, nothing at all, and now £2,000 out of pocket for a hotel we now aren’t going to be at,” Mrs Galway said.


Taylor and Darren Galway

Taylor and Darren Galway

Taylor and Darren Galway

On Thursday, EasyJet blamed a spate of cancellations at Belfast International Airport on IT problems which affected routes between Amsterdam, Bristol, London Gatwick, Liverpool and Manchester.

A spokesperson confirmed the glitch had been fixed, but couldn’t rule out further disruption.

“We advise customers due to travel with us to continue to check Flight Tracker for the status of their flight before making their way to the airport,” they added.

“We apologise for the inconvenience caused and customers can apply for compensation in line with regulations.”

The Consumer Council for Northern Ireland has urged passengers to know their rights which include the option of a refund within seven days or alternative transport to their final destination. 

Head of transport Richard Williams said customers may also be entitled to compensation and help with meals and accommodation adding: “Passengers should keep receipts for any expenses.”

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