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Editor of evangelical magazine defends article calling Catholic Mass 'an assault on the Gospel'

The editor of an magazine for evangelical Protestants has defended an article which claims attending Mass "brings shame on the gospel".

The article was authored by Rev. Peter McIntyre of the Clogher Valley Free Presbyterian Church and published in the April to June 2018 edition of the Ulster Bulwark.

In the article, Rev McIntyre says there can be "no greater assault on the Gospel” than Requiem Mass, generally celebrated in the context of a funeral.

It also implores readers never to attend Mass, and that doing so is "blasphemy" and "brings shame on the gospel".

Speaking to the Irish News the magazine's editor Wallace Thompson - a founding member of the DUP, and former special adviser to Nigel Dodds - said he did not believe the article was sectarian.

"Roman Catholics who believe in the doctrine of the church will not agree with what was written in the article,” he said.

“Roman Catholic people do not agree with Protestant doctrine as well.

“I don’t think it’s sectarian, it’s being open and honest and saying this is what we believe.”

Mr Thompson added the magazine disagrees with the doctrinal position of Catholics, but bears "no ill will to any Roman Catholic person or any other person".

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