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Effort to unmask Facebook users who allegedly threatened Catholic man

By Alan Erwin

Legal attempts will be made to discover the identity of those who allegedly threatened a Catholic man on Facebook pages linked to loyalist flag protests, the High Court heard.

A judge was told his lawyers want information about those who created and posted content on the social networking giant.

Facebook removed two pages last week after the man's legal team secured a court order. The pages, Loyalists against Short Strand and Loyalist Peaceful Protests Updater, had provided information on street protests being held across Northern Ireland.

The man allegedly targeted on the pages, referred to only as J18, was granted an emergency injunction against Facebook due to the perceived gravity of the threat. Mr Justice Deeny said: “There was an imminent risk of serious injury.”

It is the second time the social media operator has come before the High Court in the last two months. In November a convicted child sex offender won a landmark case forcing Facebook to take down a page monitoring paedophiles in Northern Ireland.

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