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Eight cars vandalised with phones and satnavs stolen

Eight cars have been damaged during a spate of attacks in north Belfast.

Windows were smashed and a number of items including mobile phones and satellite navigation systems were stolen during the early hours of Wednesday.

The vehicles were parked in Duncairn Avenue, Thorndale Avenue, Kinnaird Street and Antrim Road when they were targeted.

Police are hunting for two men seen acting suspiciously in the area at the time.

Inspector Roy Watton has appealed for members of the public to guard against opportunistic criminals.

He said: "A handbag, sports bag, phone, tablet computer or portable satnav left in your car can be an open invitation to opportunist thieves.

"By taking simple precautions such as locking valuable items out of sight in the boot of your car, or better yet, by not leaving anything of value in your car in the first place, which in turn means they are less likely to be a target for this type of crime.

"If a criminal sees something valuable on view, they will simply break the window to get it. You only have to leave your vehicle for a short time for them to act, so don't give them the opportunity."

Anyone with information is asked to contact police on 101.


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