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Eireann Kerr's father fears for her career

By Victoria O'Hara

The father of a doctor who was convicted of assaulting a police officer after her drink was spiked has spoken of his anger - and fears over her career.

Eamonn Kerr, a retired GP, posted a message in support of his daughter Eireann on an on-line petition, calling for the case to be re-examined by the Public Prosecution Service (PPS) which last night had more than 2,000 signatures.

He said it was "disgraceful" that the PPS had decided to bring the case to court after it was accepted his Strabane-born daughter had been drugged.

"My daughter is an honest, hard-working and very dedicated doctor and the PPS should be ashamed of the way a victim of a crime can be treated this way and could suffer severe repercussions in her career," he wrote. Dr Eireann Kerr, a 32-year-old anaesthestist has been overwhelmed by public support and messages of sympathy from medical professionals across Northern Ireland after she was sentenced in court on Thursday.

Dr Tom Black, a GP based in Londonderry, described the situation as "contrary to natural justice".

He said: "This doctor, because she is a victim of a crime, suddenly finds herself having her career put at risk. This seems contrary to natural justice, given that the judge has recognised the doctor was drugged illegally. I suspect if the GMC need to investigate the case they would look at the case sympathetically."

Dr John O'Kelly, a GP based in Co Derry, also said he had sympathy for Dr Kerr.

"A conviction has major implications for her career," he said. "I would personally have a lot of sympathy for her. I think it also highlights real concern for young women in our towns and cities. I would hope that the PSNI would be pursuing that part of the case."

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