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Elderly man trapped by house fire in Ballymoney

By Allan Preston

An elderly Ballymoney man was left helpless and unable to move in his bed yesterday after a fire broke out in his kitchen.

Fire crews from Ballymoney and Coleraine were alerted to the incident on the Portrush Road just before 4pm.

The man, who has mobility issues, dialled 999 from his ground floor bedroom and had to wait while his house filled up with smoke.

Archie McKay is the northern area assistant group commander for the NI Fire and Rescue Service.

"His room was starting to fill with smoke so obviously he was in a panic," he said.

"We removed the gentleman from his bedroom, but as he had medical issues we didn't remove him from the house. The fire in the kitchen was small but generated a lot of smoke."

Mr McKay said he was thankful the smoke alarms had been working. "I can't imagine what it must be like to know you can't get out of your own house. The man was fully aware there was a problem but had to wait for someone to come and save him, that must be terrifying. We're hoping he makes a full recovery."

Ambulance crews later took the man to the Causeway Hospital for treatment. His condition is unknown at this stage.

The exact cause of the fire is not known and police are investigating the incident.

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