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Elderly woman's home raided by thieves as she attends funeral of late husband

By Claire Williamson

The wedding ring of a grieving widow's late husband was among items stolen during a break-in of her home as she attended his funeral.

A large amount of cash, a credit card, a brooch, pearls, gold rings and a bracelet were also taken along with a men's Limit watch.

It happened at a house on Monaghan Street in Milford on Monday August 17.

There has been an appeal for the wedding ring to be returned to the woman.

The Milford Community Facebook page in Co Armagh appealed for the return of the ring which it said would be of "a large sentimental value to his dear wife".

It posted: "We ask that whoever you are, even though what you did was lower than low, we ask that you reprieve yourself just a little bit and return the ring.

"Put it in an envelope and leave it in the school or post it through her door."

Detectives have appealed for anyone with information to contact them on 101.

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