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Electoral register to be checked

A major research project to assess the accuracy and completeness of the electoral register in Northern Ireland is being undertaken by the Electoral Commission.

Researchers from the elections watchdog will visit around 1,500 addresses to check if information on record is correct.

There are more than 1.2 million people on the electoral register, the highest number since the introduction of individual registration a decade ago. There has been no Northern Ireland-wide canvass of electors since the annual canvass ended in 2006.

Seamus Magee, head of the Commission in Northern Ireland, said: "This research will help us to understand the current state of the electoral register and assess it for completeness and accuracy. There are no elections scheduled here until 2014, so this is a timely opportunity for us to carry out this work."

Participants in the research will be asked to provide the names of all potential electors over the age of 16 in their household. These details will then be checked against the information held on the electoral register.

A similar project in 2007 found that the Northern Ireland register was 96% accurate and 84% complete.


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