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Elliott makes a vow in Commons to voice for Enniskillen bombing victims

By Richard Wheeler

Fermanagh and South Tyrone MP Tom Elliott has vowed in his maiden speech to the Commons to repeatedly speak up for the victims of the Enniskillen bombing to ensure they secure justice.

He said he would also give a voice to all those families who deserve justice.

Mr Elliott reiterated the desire for a new definition of victim.

The Ulster Unionist Party MP said "We had the Enniskillen bomb, which killed and murdered 11 people and I'm sure all of us in this House remember that.

"Those victims and those families still have not got justice and I will want to remind this House on every occasion that they deserve justice - not only those families but all of the families in Northern Ireland who deserve that justice."

Speaking during the second reading of the EU Referendum Bill, Mr Elliott said the European definition of a victim was much better.

He said of the current definition: "How can you equate the perpetrator of a serious crime, of a murder, with the family of the person that's been murdered? That is not fair and that's not right."

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