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Elliott urges ex-SF MLA to honour £48k that he owes

Compensation: Tom Elliott
Compensation: Tom Elliott

By Staff Reporter

An ex-Ulster Unionist MP has said he has yet to receive any of the £48,750 compensation owed to him by a former Sinn Fein MLA he successfully sued for libel.

Tom Elliott sued Phil Flanagan over comments the former Fermanagh-South Tyrone Assembly member made on Twitter.

Mr Flanagan, who was recently awarded £5,865 compensation after winning a fair employment tribunal case against Citizens Advice Armagh (CAA), was urged to settle the debt.

Asked if he would pay any of the cash to Mr Elliott, Mr Flanagan told a Sunday Life reporter: "I have nothing to say to you."

Last month a panel of judges found the former Sinn Fein MLA had been discriminated against by a CAA interview panel, which awarded a management job to a less qualified candidate.

However, not a penny has gone to ex-UUP leader Mr Elliott.

Nor has any of the £20,000 Mr Flanagan received after stepping down from the Assembly in 2016 after five years representing Fermanagh and South Tyrone.

"Phil Flanagan should be a man of honour and settle his debts with me," Mr Elliott told Sunday Life. "I haven't got a penny, even though a court ordered him to pay me £48,750 more than two years ago.

"I know he has been working in various jobs since then and got a payment of around £20,000 when he lost his Assembly seat, on top of the £5,865 he got from the tribunal."

Mr Elliott said his successful libel case against Mr Flanagan had cost him a "five-figure sum in legal fees". The former MP has the option of bankrupting the ex-Sinn Fein politician, but that will cost him another £1,000.

"I don't know the exact figure for how much the case has cost me - I'm too scared to count it up," Mr Elliott said.

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