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Elvis fans aid hound dogs and other pets

by Niamh Agnew

The Official Elvis Presley Fan Club of Northern Ireland is to mark its first anniversary this year (and Elvis’ 76th birthday) at Clandeboye Golf Club with an event on behalf of the Assisi Animal Sanctuary.

Also in January there will be a special auction of Elvis memorabilia donated by one of the fan club members with the proceeds going to the sanctuary in Conlig.

Assisi was founded in 1995 and is Northern Ireland’s largest independent welfare charity which provides shelter for up to 200 companion animals including dogs, rabbits and guinea pigs.

A spokesperson for Assisi said: “With operating costs of £400,000 and no Government aid, this charity is dependent on fundraising, donations and legacies.

“With the kind help of the Elvis Presley Fan Club, any donations will have a huge impact on the animal world as small of amounts of money can make major differences.

“Small donations can buy vital medicine for sick animals and larger amounts can cover the costs of manning cruelty and advice helplines.

Assisi has been nominated as the charity for this year which means the January, August and December events will contain auctions to raise funds which will then be presented to a representative from the sanctuary at the event in December.

Last year the sanctuary rescued over 2,300 animals. They operate a ‘No Kills Policy’ and also a strict rehoming criteria to ensure all animals which have been rescued go to the best homes possible.

A campaign will be held throughout 2011 to raise awareness about unwanted pets after the shelter took in 35 dogs, one being a Bernese dog with 11 pups over the festive season.

The Elvis Presley fan club is always interested in signing up new fans who are promised good nights at different events arranged by the club.

Anyone interested in joining can contact at oepfcni.2010@ntlworld or call 07867967007.

Members also have the option of joining one of the monthly events held every third Friday for £5 admission.

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