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Email sent to Stormont staff after cyber computer systems attack [full text]


Stormont email account's hit by cyber attack.

Stormont email account's hit by cyber attack.

Stormont email account's hit by cyber attack.

Stormont staff have been urged to be vigilant and update their passwords after an attack on the Assembly Commission email accounts. Read the email sent to staff below.

The Assembly’s Office 365 email service is currently the subject of a cyber-attack from an external source.

The attack is targeting Assembly email accounts by repeatedly trying to access mailboxes with numerous password attempts. All users are asked to urgently review and change their current password to one which will make it difficult to guess.

  • Examples of very weak passwords are “Password123” indeed any use of “password” should be completely avoided.
  • You should also avoid the use of dictionary words combined with numbers such as “Spring2018”
  • The best and most secure passwords are those using three unconnected words. So for example “CoffeeTrainFish”
  • You should choose words that are memorable but should avoid those which might be easy to guess, such as 'onetwothree' or are closely related to you personally, such as the names of family members or pets.
  • Your new password will still require at least one upper case letter and one number.
  • When you change your password, please ensure you update any other devices such as mobile phones or tablets with the new password.

IS Office are continuing to work closely with Microsoft and the National Cyber Security Centre to address this issue.

Issued by Postmaster on behalf of IS Office

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