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Emergency services save female diver

By Donna Deeney

The emergency service have been praised for their swift action after a female diver was rushed to a decompression chamber suffering from the bends.

The woman in her 50s is now recovering from her ordeal at home in Dublin.

She was with a number of friends taking part in a dive in the waters between Ballycastle and Rathlin when she developed the bends - a potentially-fatal condition affecting divers who rise to the surface of the water too quickly. It is believed the woman had been back on the shore for a short period of time after a dive at the wreckage of SS Loughgarry.

She began to feel unwell on Saturday evening and a local diving expert who was on hand recognised the symptoms and contacted the emergency services.

The Coastguard and the PSNI helicopter were tasked and the woman was airlifted to Craigavon hospital where the decompression chamber is located.

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