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Employer's disgust at delivery van hijacking

by donna deeney

The owner of a restaurant has told the dissident republicans who left one of his delivery drivers traumatised when he was ordered to drive a bomb to a police station to "wise up and go away".

The driver was stopped in the Creggan area of Londonderry by two masked men who told him to take a package to Strand Road PSNI station.

But the man ran away and raised the alarm instead.

Police later said nothing untoward was found.

Strand Road police station was the same target last Wednesday when a female bus driver was ordered by a masked man to transport a bomb he placed on her bus.

Police said that there was nothing to indicate that the same people were behind both incidents.

Liam Green, who owns Wheelers and employs the driver at the centre of this latest terrifying incident, said he is now assessing his delivery service. Speaking to the Belfast Telegraph, he said: "Obviously this was very distressing for my driver and he has requested some time off work which I completely understand.

"My message to those who did this is very simple, it is just, 'wise up and go away'.

"This has been a very important year for the city and no one wants to see this kind of thing again.

"It is very unfortunate that my driver was subjected to this type of treatment.

"We will have to reassess our delivery service now.

"We have been in business for 40 years and we are not easily put off.

"We are determined people who have built up a considerable business and we are not going to let that go easily – but we will have to reappraise the situation."

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