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Engineer charged with threatening to kill wife's twin sister had been having an affair with her, court hears

By Alan Erwin

An electronics engineer charged with threatening to kill his wife's twin sister had been having an affair with her since before his marriage, a court has heard.

Slawomir Szymanski's secret seven-year relationship with the alleged victim came to light when a video of them having sex was discovered during family Christmas preparations, a judge was told.

The 46-year-old Polish national, of Graymount Crescent in Newtownabbey, Co Antrim, denies threatening to kill the woman at a party on December 14 and again three days later.

He was granted bail on condition that he finds alternative accommodation approved by police and keeps out of his home area.

Belfast Magistrates' Court heard he told the complainant: "I can't stand this any more, I will end it, I will kill you all."

It was claimed he later repeated the threat, stating that he was going to kill everyone in the family.

A prosecution lawyer revealed the alleged victim was in a relationship with Szymanski while married to her sister.

She claims the accused, who has lived in Northern Ireland since 2007, subjected them both to "controlling behaviour".

Defence solicitor Feargal MacElhatton argued that the threat claims were only made after the affair was uncovered.

He told the court children making a photographic album for Christmas gained access to his client's phone, with recordings and images found on it.

"The video shows a consensual sex act between this gentleman and his sister-in-law," Mr MacElhatton said.

"Contained within this phone there are other items, including the injured party in this case sending photographs of her taking her clothes off in the bathroom, and other items of a personal nature sent by her to him."

According to the defence, the affair started before Szymanski wed the alleged victim's sister in 2010.

"This material has come to light, his wife had found out about the consensual sexual relationship and this complaint has been made," Mr MacElhatton added.

Opposing bail, a PSNI constable claimed there was a risk he could commit further offences.

"This man's life has basically imploded and is ruined," she said.

"Police believe he has nothing to lose and have concerns that he will carry out the threat."

Granting bail, however, District Judge Nigel Broderick banned Szymanski from entering Newtownabbey or contacting his sister-in-law.

He is due to appear back in court on January 5.

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