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English-born college gun killer 'was a supporter of IRA'

By Staff Reporter

The US college gunman who killed at least nine people before being fatally shot in a stand-off with police appeared to support the IRA.

Chris Harper-Mercer was said to have been born in England before moving to the States as a young boy, according to reports in America.

He reportedly demanded to know his victims' religious beliefs before opening fire at Umpqua Community College in Roseburg, Oregon.

The 26-year-old's social media profiles featured content supporting the IRA, including an album of photos posted on his Myspace page called 'Ireland's freedom fighters'. Under a photograph that read 'IRA undefeated army', Mercer had written: "Have faith and keep fighting. Never lose, never stop."

Another picture, of a group of men dressed in camouflage, wearing balaclavas and holding rifles, said: "Looking cool defending their country."

He also posted the front page of An Phoblacht with the headline 'British Army could not defeat IRA'.

Authorities, who initially refused to name the gunman, shed no light on his motive and said they were investigating. Several people remain injured in hospital.

It is the 45th school shooting in the US this year.

Witnesses described the moment the gunman stormed the school.

Kortney Moore (18) said she was in a writing class when a shot came through the window and hit the teacher in the head.

The gunman then entered the Snyder Hall classroom and told people to get on the floor, she said.

He told people to stand up and state their religion before opening fire.

The gunfire, shortly after 10.30am local time, sparked panic as students ran for safety and police and ambulances rushed to the scene.

Hannah Miles (19) said she was in her writing class when her teacher got a call from security saying the school was in lockdown. She heard gunshots from a neighbouring classroom.

She said that huddled together in the locked classroom, the students and teacher heard footsteps outside and a man's voice call out to them: "Come on out, come on out." They remained quiet and did not open the door.

Police soon arrived at the scene and, after students were convinced that it was indeed officers, they opened the door.

"It was like a huge burden had been lifted," she said. "A huge sigh of relief that we were going to be OK."

Douglas County Sheriff John Hanlin said at least two officers acted heroically in the shoot-out, but it was not clear if the gunman was killed by authorities or whether he took his own life.

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