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Enniskillen bomb: I have been robbed of 30 years with Mum and Dad

Stella Robinson

Stella Robinson has a collection of precious photographs to help remember her parents who were murdered at Enniskillen.

Bertha and Wesley Armstrong were among the crowd paying their respects that Remembrance Day when the bomb exploded.

Her brother, who was standing with them, survived.

She says the heartache of loss never ends. "It's just that a part of you goes with them but the longing in you for them never goes away," she explains through tears.

Ms Robinson remembers her mother's kindness and warmth: "She was like my friend, I could tell her anything and I really miss that. She loved baking and she loved farm animals. I was very close to both my parents and they meant the world to me. We spent Sundays together going for walks and for drives.

"I really miss them and I was robbed of 30 years of their life with me. They were just going to church for Remembrance Sunday and they were killed, murdered."

Ahead of today's 30th anniversary of the attack, she started putting together a photo album with images of her parents and her childhood. She does not have many pictures of them together, but the few she has are treasured. "I wouldn't have many photos of me with them so they're just so precious when you see them," she explains.

"Me standing as a child, holding my mother's hand. Photos of their wedding day. It has really brought back to me how, as a child, they meant so much to me and to my life. It has been really moving. It has been quite emotional."

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