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Enniskillen bomb: I have more or less given up on ever getting closure

Stephen Gault

Pain: Stephen Gault
Pain: Stephen Gault

Stephen Gault said the chance of getting justice for the Enniskillen bomb victims is ebbing away as each year passes.

The victims' campaigner was standing beside his father when the bomb exploded.

While Stephen survived the blast, his father Samuel was killed in front of him.

Despite the passage of time, Stephen said that as the years go by, the pain becomes more raw and harder to deal with.

"I find that time is not a great healer," he said.

"It's hit me hard over the last couple of days and it's really setting in that it's been 30 years."

He said that his family still hope for justice, but he has accepted it may never happen.

"We always live in hope that we will get justice, but as every year goes by that chance of justice is ebbing away.

"I have more or less given up that we will get justice, as 30 years later evidence is gone and people have died.

"This is the first year that I have fully accepted that.

"I have never believed in a truth recovery process either, because the people that did it would be immune from prosecution.

"It's another insult to innocent victims."

Stephen will be joined by his wife and brother for a church service before attending the unveiling of the memorial to the bomb victims.

"It will be an emotional day for us as a family and all the victims' families too."

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