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Enniskillen bomb: I was naive enough in 1987 to think they’d catch killers

Joan Anderson

Joan Anderson will never stop fighting for justice for her parents William and Agnes Mullan, who died at Enniskillen.

She says the passage of time has not diminished victims' pain.

"You have to learn to live with it or else you're another victim and I refuse to be another victim," she says, but adds: "You heal to a point but it's inside you and it never leaves. Every day of my life I miss my parents."

Ms Anderson and her sister Margaret Veitch fondly remember their parents as full of life and compassion, constantly providing a safety net of support for them throughout their lives.

But their grief has been compounded by the fact no-one has been held accountable for the attack. They say many victims' families feel Northern Ireland society has forgotten about what they have been through and continue to endure.

She says: "I was naive enough at the time to think they'd catch someone within the month but, 30 years on, it's disgraceful that they've just let it slide.

"I can say that after 30 years you finally get to the point where you can accept that it happened but you do not forget and I am still angry about it. I'm angry that right across Northern Ireland good people have been killed and we have been forgotten about."

She adds: "I will never stop looking for justice for my father and my mother. Never. I'm not going to go away."

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