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Enniskillen struck down by G8-itis

G8-itis swept through the picturesque town of Enniskillen as the world's leaders gathered nearby.

Residents of the idyllic Co Fermanagh tourist resort admitted there will be a void in their lives when delegates and the thousands of police drafted to patrol the area finally go back to their forces across the UK.

Marie Westwater, 68, who lives close to the Lough Erne Resort, said the run-up to the event lifted everyone's spirits, despite security restrictions like the sealing of post boxes in the area.

"It's been the most exciting thing that has ever happened," she said as she waved at a group of police officers passing in the back of an armoured landrover-type vehicle, its doors wide open and arms waving back.

"It has brought people together. All the neighbours are out chatting about it.

"I sent an email to my nephew in London and I wrote: 'There's an illness in Enniskillen and we all have it bad, I might have it the worse... it's G8-itis.'

"It's lifted everyone. When all this is over we'll all need counselling."

An elderly neighbour living along the route of Monday night's march took all the valuables out of his house and emptied his oil tank for fear protesters would break in and set his home on fire.

"But nothing major happened," said his grandson, who was visiting for extra security.

"There's only been police going up and down."


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