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Epileptic marksman loses gun ban appeal

By Alan Erwin

An epileptic clay pigeon shooter has lost a High Court challenge to having his gun licence revoked.

The 39-year-old security guard from Co Londonderry had his firearms certificate (FAC) taken from him amid concerns about his medical condition and whether or not he properly declared it.

The man, who also has limited literacy skills, sought to judicially review Justice Minister David Ford's decision in 2013 to reject an appeal against the police withdrawing his permit. But a judge dismissed his case after rejecting claims that the action against him was unfair and irrational.

Mr Justice Horner said: "On the evidence, the minister would have been entitled to conclude that the applicant had attempted to deceive the authorities by not disclosing his medical history... when he knew or should have known that it was his responsibility to do so."

Publication of the man's name is prohibited due to his father also keeping guns at the family home.

Throwing out all grounds of challenge, Mr Justice Horner said it had been irresponsible not to check the information was correct.

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