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EU has tricked Theresa May in talks over Brexit deal, says DUP's Wilson


Sammy Wilson at a rally in Bournemouth - Oct 2018

Sammy Wilson at a rally in Bournemouth - Oct 2018

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Nigel Farage earlier in the day

Nigel Farage earlier in the day

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Sammy Wilson at a rally in Bournemouth - Oct 2018

DUP Brexit spokesperson Sammy Wilson accused Prime Minister Theresa May of having fallen for a "con trick" by the EU's chief negotiator Michel Barnier and Taoiseach Leo Varadkar in a speech at a Leave Means Leave rally last night.

The East Antrim MP also said that Mr Barnier and Mr Varadkar "didn't just kiss the Blarney Stone, they made love to it" as he addressed a Bournemouth audience at the event. It was attended by two other leading Northern Irish Brexiteers - Wetherspoons CEO Tim Martin and Bournemouth West Conservative MP Conor Burns ­- and Labour Leave's Brendan Chilton.

Mr Wilson stated: "From the minute that the referendum result was issued and was known there were those who have benefited from EU patronage, who have been able to use EU lobbying for competitive advantage, for those who were able to get grants from the EU, albeit it was our own money back, they've been plotting and planning to overturn the referendum.

"They talk about being democrats but they don't care about democracy."

Mr Wilson claimed that a "cunning plan" had been devised by those who wished to overturn the referendum result.

"The UK couldn't possibly leave the EU because you couldn't catch the taxes on goods that were sold and had customs due to be paid when they crossed the Irish border," he stated.

"You couldn't have goods crossing the Irish border that didn't conform with EU regulations. And anyhow, if you did that and you had to put the arrangements in place, you'd be back to war in Northern Ireland.

"You would be against the Belfast Agreement.

"We've a saying in Northern Ireland and in the Republic of Ireland that if you're going to tell a tall story you've kissed the Blarney Stone.

"Well I can tell you, Barnier and Leo Varadkar didn't just kiss the Blarney Stone, they made love to it when they made up this one.

"This is being used by the Prime Minster of the United Kingdom to either keep the whole of the United Kingdom under the bondage of Brussels, or else to break up the United Kingdom by cutting Northern Ireland adrift.

"And that was a choice which Barnier and Co have given the Prime Minister and she has fallen for it because she accepted their con trick."

Mr Wilson said that the border between Northern Ireland and the Republic hadn't closed during the Troubles.

"Authorised economic operators, trusted traders, prior notification - all of this can be captured," he said. "What happens at other entry points into the EU could happen along the Irish border.

"Less than 1% of the trade from the outside world that comes into the EU is actually checked. Now why on earth, when we leave the EU, when we have the same regulations, when we have the history of having shared the same rules, why on earth would every containment and consignment of goods leaving the UK, whether it goes through Dover, Felixstowe or across the Irish border have to be stopped and checked?

"It's a con trick and the sooner we see through it the better."

Mr Wilson pledged that the whole UK would leave the EU together.

"We will not be voting for any deal which keeps this country captive in any way to Brussels and to the EU," he said. "We will not be voting for any deal which calls into question the integrity of the United Kingdom or cuts Northern Ireland free. We voted to leave together, we will leave together, and that's the pledge which I make to you tonight."

Earlier, Nigel Farage said that the Northern Ireland border had been used by Mr Barnier to "trap Theresa May" into keeping the UK in a customs union. During a visit to Dorset, Mr Farage said he believed the "establishment" had been attempting to water down Brexit, but he felt that there had been a shift in the past 24 hours.

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