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EU vacuum ban will create 'dirty houses for cooler planet', says DUP MP

The DUP's Sammy Wilson has hit out at new EU regulation being introduced on Friday that will limit the decibel limits of vacuum cleaners.

In a statement, the East Antrim MP said: "Dirtier houses today for a cooler planet in one hundred years' time seems to be the basis of this restriction on what we are allowed to buy."

The ban will prevent consumers in the UK and across the EU from purchasing hoovers with a noise level above 80 decibels, a move that is aimed at promoting energy efficiency and cutting carbon emissions.

Models manufactured or sold in the EU will also see their wattage reduced from 1,600 to 900.

The European Environmental Bureau, a network of European green NGOs, has said that the idea that higher wattage equals greater performance is a misconception. 

The move has come in for a barrage of criticism from anti-EU sections of the British tabloid press, with claims that the move will trigger a buying frenzy of more powerful models ahead of the ban.

Mr Wilson's statement says: "From today the people of the UK and the rest of the EU will be forced to buy anaemic vacuum cleaners which silently glide over our floors unable to suck up dirt and dust with the same vigour and strength of the hoovers of old all because of an EU directive designed to save the world from a global warming threat which has failed to materialise of the last 17 years despite rising levels of CO2."

Sammy Wilson served as Minister of the Environment in Northern Ireland between 2008 and 2009, and his website states that he believes "climate change is not man-made and the myth of climate change if based on dodgy science not proven [sic]".

It also states that he is "not a fan of the green lobby who try and scaremonger people with their alarmist views".

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